Note from Amitabha Mandal

After 26 years of having served various industry verticals in a variety of roles, having augmented the practice of strategizing for businesses and their leadership, at the brink of a new era of talent acquisition and leadership transformation, I paused in 2017 to ask people around me, mostly a group of head honchos- What is it that you really look forward to from the people who represent your vision?

While the answers varied with people who looked for skill, assessment qualities, exceptional analytical abilities, loyalty and the ilk, the one word that was common between all was- Passion.

It brought me to realise that the only way a company can thrive to do better is by being represented by people who are Passionate about looking forward to each day at their workplace and Relentless in pushing all imaginable boundaries. It is the people who will not wait for opportunity to come knocking, but will build doors instead. Some of the best industry professionals who I've had the good fortune of calling my colleagues recognised for being Game-Changers are really only honest, hardworking people who are living examples of what Perseverance looks like.

Our motive, here at Transform HR Group, is to bring to your organisation the people who don't just best fit your needs but reimagine your necessities- people who go that extra mile, every day.